Try a few fresh healthful ingredients, get tips, information, and recipes to achieve the ultimate in essential, healthy, homestyle cooking. There will be easy menus plus kids cooking projects along with other ideas and tools from therealisticcook.com to make your life simply easier. 

Gain a more realistic idea of what  fresh healthful ingredient cooking is all about.  There will also be various links to other sites where you can get lots of easy, lower fat, healthy recipes, tools and info to help you live your most vibrant life.  

Cooking can be a fairly simple process. Anyone can do it healthier one little change at a time. Learn how to have a fresh healthful cooking experience.

Eating healthier needs to happen in a realistic fashion. Remember to be realistic in your expectations. Some of the recipes may call for ingredients like butter or salt. You may need to make substitutions according to your own health needs.

Recipes are generally just guidelines to follow. (Unless you are baking!) Don't be afraid to experiment with different ingredients. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices can bring so much flavor and excitement to your meals. You can begin today to use

more fresh healthful ingredients in your recipes. You may even see some weight loss benefits after making a few of these simple, realistic changes. I know we have.

Both of us grew up in the family kitchen and we love to cook together as a family of our own now. We are looking forward to sharing what we've learned and finding out what you can teach us about food. We would like everyone who visits, to share his or her favorite simple, fresh healthful ingredient recipes with us. We would love the chance to try out your faves as well so please send them to us at support@therealisticcook.com. We would like to showcase some of them by combining several in a menu of the month feature for all to enjoy.

Most of us have had experience with counting calories, etc. We know what the numbers are. Let's not dwell on them. This isn't some new "diet program". It's just a few simple, realistic, fresh healthful ingredient changes.

Doesn't that sound do-able? Join us at therealisticcook.com. Dinner is served.

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